PollSitting2: Why is learning SD so dadgum hard?

Why can this be such a hard thing to learn?

Of course, most of us would say there are multiple reasons why SD can be a tough idea to make one’s own.

We might want to know a bit more about the students, a bit more about the education of the teacher, a bit more about the materials being used, a bit more about the purpose of the course.  There’s a lot.  And this brief poll will come from a very small sample and not be at all valid or reliable.  So why do this?

In this brief poll, you can mark ONE option.  Follow the results.  After a bit of time, we can respond to what shows up.


5 comments on “PollSitting2: Why is learning SD so dadgum hard?

  1. Thanks for this, Tony. I recollect Jay Forrester once commenting that humans, when aiming for the kill, are not too far beyond where to throw the spear. However, we are quite capable of inculcating particular cultural imperatives – individual freedom, personal property, cause and effect, and a host of others. With that, over time we might make some headway with systems understanding.

      • We are such creatures of appetite that we are chained to immediacy; if it ain’t now (or soon), we move on. It takes CONSIDERABLE discipline to hold a delay in one’s head. By the way, Scott, thanks for playing along. And I hope you are well.


  2. Evolutionary constraint. Our brains are good to make simple day-to-day decision, but not ready to comprehend dynamic complexity. It needs learning, which takes time and effort.

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