OneThing4: coffee joy

It was the morning of the fifth day.

And I really needed a drink.  And then I really needed to capture what was going on . . . and so I drew this Tim and coffee-in-hand system.

The photo comes from my phone so it’s a bit fuzzy, but you can likely make out most of it:  a two-stock system that recognizes my grogginess as the level which regulates the drinking flow (and gulp size).  You’ll note that I occasionally take a peak at the level of coffee in my cup as the primary indicator of when I need to pour some more in.

Of course, I was groggy, so I left some things out.  Wouldn’t my grogginess dissipate as I drank coffee?  Might the weight of the cup in my hand tell me I needed more coffee?  Would a stock chain that includes “coffee in my tummy” be more accurate and help me close the loop with “grogginess”?

And there are more such universalities to ponder.  But on this July 1 morning in Chicago, it was enough.


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