OneThing16: Ten Best Books of the Decade

Some time ago, a number of colleagues came together digitally and put together a list of “What Teachers Should Read in System Dynamics.”  Click on SystemsThings in the menu for that list.

Linda Booth Sweeney's wondrous book about stories and systems

In Pegasus Communications Blog by Janice Malloy, she recently listed her 10 Favorite Systems Thinking Books of the Past 10 Years Or So. It’s a great list . . . and you’ll recognize some familiar texts.

At my ripe old age, I find Linda Booth Sweeney’s books to be accessible and yet still deep.  As a mom, she has made it her work to find open paths to system dynamics.  Consequently, her books might be the first to bring to a school to help colleagues and families understand the power of system dynamics.

You have already heard me gush over Donella Meadows’ works, whether technical (Limits to Growth) or for the general public (Global Citizen).

I am heartened to see that Janice chose some textbooks that help teachers and students with curricular materials, something sorely lacking for the spread of the discipline.

We all have some learning to do. Janice’s list gives us all some reading for the year.  Let’s get started!


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