QuickThing8: Sublime Mold

Slime Mold Takes Tokyo

Click this image to watch Slime Mold seek out efficiencies in its search for food – – little oat flakes aligned to Tokyo’s suburbs.

Seems that slime mold holds the future of a crowded planet in its spores.  Forget about the advanced degree in New Urbanism, forget about conferences and engineering and politics.  Leave it all to the mold.

As an organism, slime mold has electrified scientists and planners.  Its capacity to morph from individual spores to organized plasmodium, and then generate fascinating, almost intelligent behavior is just too alluring to forgo. We’ll leave that discussion to people who know a thing or two about fungi or protists, as the case may be.

As a metaphor, however, it’s hard to deny slime mold’s sexy attire:  it morphs, it connects, it seeks efficiencies, it generates a seeming network, it keeps us humble.

And it makes me think that webs and networks run deep in the makeup and history of all living things.


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