OneThing49: a googleplex of distractions

Idle, I wondered about what might be percolating on the web. 

A google of Post-Its

Things I should know about! Things I should do! Right now!

“Google, Google, on the wall, who’s the fairest change method of them all?”

Timmy then types:  “school change.”  And here’s what I got:

  • 10 Big Ideas for School Change
  • 101 Ideas to Make Good Schools Great
  • 65 Ways Students Can Change Schools
  • 6 Ways Teacher Want to Change School
  • 3 Ideas That Will Not Transform Schools
  • 5 Changes Every School Should Make
  • 19 Bold Ideas for Change in Education

And I am sure they are ALL like couch covers – a pretty thing stretched over something broken.  It’s not the WHAT, but HOW.  Change lies latent in the deep structure of a school.  Fix that . . . and things happen fast.


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