Pacific Northwest Rain and Goodness

17 May 2010

When it rains in May, I imagine the many roots in my yard slurping up the luscious liquid, all the surging life anxious to fling itself from the plant fronds and tree tops and grass blades. This aberration in the rain year pleases me no end . . . great teaching weather, a bonus soaking for all things Oregonian. My daffodil bulbs fatten for next Spring, pale green pine shoots this year darken, prime for next year’s spray; farther east, up the Cascade foothills, snow falls at middle elevations, our water source in July and August; tourists will come in droves to see the Columbia Gorge, rivers spill down from National Forests into the Willamette Valley, and it all reminds me that these seeming disparate events and rhythms are but OneThing.


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