The “Stamp of a Single Organism”

6 January 2011

People who live solitary lives on cliff sides or hermitages are rare . . . it’s not a meme that survives terribly well. One must have a strong intellectual life to live so . . .

Amid the fused unity one sees at left, teens and young adults most especially, can sometimes think of no other way to find a thrill than with a crowd, juiced to a single tune or mood.

We’ll see this in a few days when the Oregon Ducks go up against the Auburn Tigers – at college gatherings in those two states, some of America’s finest, most intellectually promising youth with take on the “stamp of a single organism,” a line William Golding used to describe the rabid, primal dance of the little boys just before the murders began.

You can chant, sway, do the wave, blow on vuvuzelas, wear school colors, or sway flame-like . . . these are all ways that a crowd can become OneThing.


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